About this Blog

Encased in Steel is a blog hosted, authored and maintained by the Academy of Historical Arts. Our purpose is to write interesting and thought provoking essays and articles about European history, sometimes concentrating on the martial aspects of our history, sometimes concentrating on general history, and sometimes concentrating on the traditional handcrafts from past centuries. Hopefully this blog will be of interest to members of the HEMA community, to members of the historical re-enactment community, to teachers and students, and to anyone with a passing interest in history.

We do welcome guest author submissions from people we already know and whom we have met in the Academy or at events. However, we rarely accept unsolicited submissions from people with whom we have had no prior contact. If you would like to submit an article for the blog (even if you haven’t met us before) then please do get in touch with us, but please make it look like you have taken some effort to write a personalised email to us – if we see what looks like a generic email that does not include the name of the blog or that looks like it might be spam, then we will delete the email instantly without even reading it. If it looks like you have taken the time to introduce yourself properly and are genuinely looking to contribute an article to the blog, then we will be happy to discuss the matter with you.

The Academy of Historical Arts follows this mission statement:
“Our purpose is to promote and further the study of history through the historical, martial and creative arts.”

To this end, the Academy is part of the Triquetra Services (Scotland) charitable organisation (OSCR: SC042086; Companies House: SC392806) and is the educational division within the charity. This blog helps us to achieve our charitable objectives through distribution of our research and teaching and making it broadly available to members of the general public on an international level.

For more information about the different parts of our organisation, please see our websites:

Triquetra Services (Scotland) which includes:
– Corsair’s Wares
– Fallen Rook Publishing
– Academy of Historical Arts which in turn includes:
— Several educational programmes.
— Several clubs across Glasgow, Dundee, and indeed the whole country!
— Regular events such as AHA Loch Lomond, HEMAC Glasgow and the “Real Fighting Stuff” Conference.