The Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army

Discovered 40 years ago by chance by peasants digging a well[1], the Terracotta Army has been held as a pinnacle of human achievement. It has been nicknamed the Eighth Wonder of the World.[2] Several thousand important relics have been found at this site which is the burial tomb of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of feudal China. Evidence suggests that this recreation is a model of Qin Shi Huang China.[3] Some of the relics are extremely rare and include kneeling warriors and court officials.[4] Curiously, the relics have survived better than the mausoleum itself, the ceremonial archways and rooms of which have long since crumbled to dust.

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Review of FightCamp 2014

Today’s post is a review of the recent FightCamp by Reinis Rinka. All images were taken by Reinis, unless otherwise noted.

This FightCamp was a disaster…

Because it lasted only three days. ­After 11 years running amazing events it’s hard to imagine that the event could fail (aside from poor weather, but hey it’s UK, stiff upper lip and all that). But you already knew that, right? If you’re reading this I’m assuming that you want to find out what you missed out on. This was a fully sold out event after all. Or perhaps you went to the event and you’re hoping for something that brings back some of the nice memories. Well I hope I won’t let you down in my fairly personal account of the event. (Scroll to the bottom for TL;DR)

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How to write an Encased in Steel blogpost

This article has been written and submitted by Daria, one of the instructors within the Academy of Historical Arts.

Writing may seem overwhelming, especially if you haven’t done it in a long while (or at all). It often seems to be a large, time-consuming, but surprisingly nebulous task. If you are interested in submitting a guest article to Encased in Steel, this little how-to is meant to encourage you and make the task a little bit easier. What I propose here is by no means the only way to approach the problem. Some steps can be omitted entirely, or they can be rearranged, especially as you become more experienced and more confident as a writer. But it does outline a natural progression of tasks that may be a little bit easier to tick off than just ‘WRITE!’.

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Collinge and Clark Review

This week I was asked to review a bookseller whom we were unfortunate enough to have to work with in the process of acquiring the antique books as part of the Roworth fundraising campaign.

In my role at Triquetra, I handle many of the sourcing and purchasing operations and as such I deal with hundreds of suppliers from tiny one man operations to massive multinational corporations. I have seen excellent service and I have seen poor service but this experience was particularly notable for just how poor it was. It was suggested I write this review so that others would understand the risks of dealing with this seller and can avoid them if possible.

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Longpoint 2014 Review by Ben Hawkins

Over the last weekend I had the great fortune to attend Longpoint 2014 at Turf Valley resort in Ellicott City, Maryland. While there I participated in the singlestick and cutting tournaments while getting to watch the synthetic, women’s, counted blows and open longsword, messser, wrestling and paired forms competition. Before I go any further I must say that the event was great over all and heartily suggest everyone able attend. Let me also give thanks to all those who hosted and ran the event.


Turf Valley is a wonderful location for the hosting of Longpoint with a range of facilities to make both the event and the time around it a wonderful experience. The award dinner in particular was fantastic, with delicious food and the dinning room was truly beautiful. I have seen some complain about the food at the hotel and other choices being a car trip away, but I only partook of the hotel’s breakfast, which was quite nice, and had a free enough schedule to go out and get food.


Longpoint this year had a truly astounding number of tournaments. With singlestick, messer, cutting, open longsword, synthetic longsword, women’s longsword, paired forms competition, counted blows and four weight classes for ringen, the total stood at 12. In addition there was the triathlon, a combination of open longsword, cutting and paired techniques where scores from all three were added up, and a team competition where the best “team,” participants from the same school/club, had their scores from each tournament added up. Read more