Review of event: II° Allenamento con gli Appesi

Keith Farrell (left) undertaking some friendly sparring with Federico Malagutti (right) without a lot of protective gear.

The final event that I attended in 2013 was the II° Allenamento con gli Appesi, held in the middle of December in Asola, northern Italy. It was a wonderful way to spend a weekend, and this review shall describe the experience.

Davide Morleo of the Sala d’Arme dell’Appeso invited me to come to the event and teach about the flourish from the Codex Döbringer. His co-organisers were Francesco Viola and Davide Castelli, and together they put on an excellent event.

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What Explains the Failure of Liberal Nationalism in the Nineteenth Century?

Nationalism is defined as being a great, even too great, love of your own country. It is often associated with liberal or democratic parties because it is perceived as an idea of the people. Nationalism has had many disastrous outcomes in European history. Notably, it was the leading ideology behind Germany’s instigation of the Second World War and nationalist ideas are in many ways responsible for the problems in Ireland today. Nationalism was prevalent in Europe throughout the nineteenth century where it provoked a number of revolutions and political reforms. This political ideal was used to provoke the peoples of the nationalist countries to have pride in their country. It was used by minor political groups to gain support. Nationalist ideals were used by many, if not most political groups including conservatives, liberals and socialists. It was inevitable that nationalist ideals should gain a great deal of influence however, because although ‘great divisions developed over how to articulate the national interest and about who should decide what the national interest was, over the long run, some branch of nationalists generally won.’[1] This power, when being accused publicly of being wielded wrongly by other branches, could not maintain its hold and was used by many as a reason for enacting policies motivated entirely by other factors. Liberal nationalism was therefore destined to fall.

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The Issue of Punishment in Martial Arts

Push-ups for hitting the wall during training. Photograph by Tiu Makkonen, 2012.


This week I am going to take a break from crafting projects and return to the topic of instruction. The area I would like to consider in a little more detail is that of discipline. As an instructor this is one of the hardest areas to get right and when handled badly can lead to a quick escalation of the initial problem, handled well it can lead to a rise in respect and loyalty from the problematic student.

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Now onto the article.

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