The Foggy Dew


This week I have chosen to make use of a historical poem in order to analyse a historical event. This is a style of historical springboard which I am particularly fond of as I come from a culture in which oral history is so important.

I want to state that this is a historical essay and has no political opinions attached to it. Please respect this fact.


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Analysing Historical Sources

Goliath (MS Germ.Quart.2020), folio 22r

Historical sources are one of the most valuable assets available to us in our study of the past. These sources are many and varied, and every single surviving item from the past can provide us with some kind of information. However, due care must be exercised when using these sources to support an argument, as sources can be misleading! This article will seek to examine some of the ways by which historical sources can provide false or misleading information, and I will provide a simple method by which sources may be analysed for how useful they are to an argument.

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Fitness for HEMA Part II: Strength Training

In last week’s post, I gave my thoughts on cardiovascular fitness for HEMA. This week, I’ll be giving my thoughts on another aspect of fitness for HEMA, that of strength-training. Again, please remember that I am not a qualified fitness professional, these are only my personal thoughts, and that they are also geared heavily towards practice of medieval systems.

For the beginner trying to work out what they should be doing, strength-training is even more complicated than cardio. Should you use free weights, or machines, or just your own body-weight? How many repetitions should you do per set? What type of exercises should you do? Do you even need to do strength-training at all? Read more