What You Train is What You Do Under Pressure

This article is going to look at a fairly simple concept that often can be difficult to implement properly for both the teacher and the student in the process of learning to fight. What is this concept? I submit the statement that:

“What you train is what you will do when under pressure.”

This has a whole lot of ramifications, both positive and negative, for both students and teachers. It holds for the study of eastern martial arts, western martial arts, and even modern sports such as fencing or kendo or even football, rugby or baseball. To examine this concept, I will explain a little about my preferred model of learning theory, and will illustrate with examples from how I teach both my karate class and my HEMA classes.

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Joint Event with Abertay RMAS

Towards the beginning of May, Mark Wilkie of the Abertay Renaissance Martial Arts Society posted on the Schola Gladiatoria forum to ask for help. He was wondering if any group would be willing to come up to Dundee to run a seminar for his guys. Being generally charitable people, we offered to travel to Dundee to run a seminar for them.

This marks our second collaborative event with another group, and it also marks a very important landmark for me personally. I have instructed people outside of the Academy before, but this is the first time I have instructed someone outside the Academy whom I didn’t already know in advance. I’m very glad I had the opportunity to do this, and especially glad that I got to work with such a friendly group for my first time.

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How to make a targe waster.


So this week I was going to post an essay on the song Foggy Dew, but I decided instead in respect of the recent sectarian violence in Glasgow to do a crafting post on how to make a practise targe.

This project will allow you to make a targe that is strong enough to use for practising the Highland Broadsword and Targe discipline. If you are interested in learning more about this discipline then don’t threat the Academy will soon have our lessons posted via our youtube channel for all to enjoy, and I may just do a post on it in the near future.

Please note: this is not a real/traditional targe but rather one for practising with. I will at a later date give information on making a real targe but just as many swordsmiths start by making a wooden waster before moving on to steel we shall start with a waster targe before moving on to the real thing.

Please enjoy 🙂

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William the Conqueror: Lucky Bastard or Gifted Leader?

Hey I’m Elizabeth,

This week instead of Ben posting again I was invited to post to mix things up a bit. Along with Ben I am one of the original founders of the GUCDS which became the Academy of Historical Arts. I did qualify in the historical combat but I am much more interested in the historical crafting and instructed that while with the Academy. I have a Joint Honours History and English Literature degree from Glasgow University and I am a founder and trustee of Triquetra Services (Scotland). I hope eventually to teach English and/or History, but am currently in Germany working as an au paire.

Anyway enough background information…this week I will be posting for encased in steel an essay which examines whether William the Conqueror’s Victory at the Battle of Hastings is due to his skill as a Commander or just luck on the day.  I chose this topic as I grew up in Kent and have always had an interest in the Battle of Hastings and how it shaped English and worldwide history. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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